Wanderlust (and Golden Gate Park)

I never would have thought a few years ago that I would be traveling across the world and across the country in the years to come. Here’s to some good travel karma, and the chance to do what I never thought I could. This weekend has been an amazing close to a difficult but wonderful chapter of my life, and fundraising for CCFA has allowed me to give back in a really concrete way. But it also gave me the chance to connect with people who had the same struggles, and many who are still struggling. Needless to say I feel so incredibly grateful and hopeful that continuing research will bring an end to the disease. Here are some beautiful shots from the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. A gorgeous place, located in a must see park in San Francisco. You could literally spend a day wandering to and from the botanical gardens, bison enclosure, various ponds, Chinese Tea Garden, De Young Modern Art Museum, California Academy of Sciences, historic bandstand, polo field, and scenic bath houses (and I’m sure I’m leaving something out). This park is huge, much larger than Central Park, and not nearly as crowded.



Jetsetter: San Diego

As any vacationer will tell you the relaxation can only really begin after all the bags are packed and the security checkpoints crossed (good luck with that carry on). My own summer plans include a few short trips, clumsily squeezed in among summer weekends that are already busier than I would like. As far as dream destinations go, I have a lot. Most of them in Europe, but those don’t really lend themselves to last minute getaways. So this summer I am staying stateside. Paris will have to wait. I will get there. Eventually. Right now I am thinking more along the lines of a long weekend in California. I have never been to the West Coast, and San Diego, CA tops my destination wishlist. I’m just worried once I visit I will decide not to return. Just a risk I will have to take I guess.

Take a look at San Diego Magazine, decide where to eat, what to pack, and where to party.