Some Summer Inspiration: The White Dress

Nothing says summer like an effortless white dress. Unfortunately they are also ketchup and dirt magnets, but that’s just the price you pay to look summery and care free while trying not to spill the mustard from your corn dog.


Cinco De Mayo

One by one the restaurant patios are opening, ready for long family dinners that take a cue from the Mexican culture that brings us Cinco De Mayo. I know I could also stand to take a few pointers from the Spaniards, who introduced us to the “siesta”, a concept that most Americans (myself included) can only dream about.

Instead of hurrying through the day just to make it to a microwavable dinner that I will eat in front of the television, this year I plan on embracing the slowness of other cultures.

This means enjoying their signature dinners that start late and last long. Here is the margarita that I will be sipping leisurely, preferably while talking with friends and family over a huge spread that I took my time preparing.

Click the image for the recipe from Glitter Guide.