A Sea of Camel

It seems like camel coats are everywhere. Which makes sense, these coats are versatile enough to go from the office to dinner and warm enough to get your through the winter. A camel coat is one item that will be on my Christmas list this year, even if I do end up buying it for myself. That still counts as a gift, right?


Some Summer Inspiration: The White Dress

Nothing says summer like an effortless white dress. Unfortunately they are also ketchup and dirt magnets, but that’s just the price you pay to look summery and care free while trying not to spill the mustard from your corn dog.

So Many (Too Many?) Fashion Blogs

Wow, there are a ton. It’s hard to keep up, and there is a lot of content that seems repetitive. But sometimes its the perfect way to waste a rainy afternoon. So, here you go, the result of mother nature keeping me stuck indoors long enough to poke around the internet.

A rainy day reading list:

Pink Peonies

Gary Pepper Girl

Sincerely Jules


Collage Vintage

Damsel in Dior

Staying Cozy

I dread the inevitable winter hand shake, because my hands are always freezing. The person then feels the need to stand there trying to warm them up while commenting on just how cold they are, this usually includes a reference to icicles. At this point I say something about how terrible my circulation is and attempt to escape. Yes, they have a point, I am always cold. Luckily, however, I am also usually armed with a scarf and wool socks. Here are a few of my favorite winter looks from women who manage to stay warm and still look pretty stylish.

Style Blogs Done Right: Some Favorite Reads

I read, a lot. That means when I have a minute to myself I’m not always up for cracking open the newest novel, or even reading lengthy magazine articles (Vanity Fair that means you). I have always been embarrassingly behind in the latest television shows, something my friends are sure to notice and point out. I’m not a TV person, and although I love to unwind with a good book, sometimes all I am up for is flipping through a magazine mindlessly. Luckily, with internet and tablets, there are more fashion and art blogs than ever before. For me these are great places to escape, free from lengthy taglines or complicated plots – easy, quick, and always inspirational.

Some Inspirational Fashion Blogs

Ring My Bell



The Coffee Table Dish

What story does your coffee table tell?

So you’re twenty (and change) and you’re in your first place. Congratulations, sure coming home to a fully stocked fridge was awesome, but so is your very own…coffee table. There is nothing like entering a friend’s house and perusing their bookshelf. But many would argue that even more can be discovered by taking a peek at their coffee table reads. Are you an aspiring fashionista, an art nouveau connoisseur, an outdoor enthusiast? Have you ever thought about how much one little stack of books can say about you? I have, and here are some of my favorites…

The Comedian

So you Think You’re a Hipster//Adulting: How to Become an Adult in 468 Easy(ish) Steps//Don’t Worry It Gets Worse//My Bleeping Family Mad Libs//I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats//F for Effort!: More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answer

The Fashionista

The Satorialist//Who What Wear//Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic//Kate Spade: Things We Love//Style//Little Black Dress