A Sea of Camel

It seems like camel coats are everywhere. Which makes sense, these coats are versatile enough to go from the office to dinner and warm enough to get your through the winter. A camel coat is one item that will be on my Christmas list this year, even if I do end up buying it for myself. That still counts as a gift, right?


Some Summer Inspiration: The White Dress

Nothing says summer like an effortless white dress. Unfortunately they are also ketchup and dirt magnets, but that’s just the price you pay to look summery and care free while trying not to spill the mustard from your corn dog.

Making the Cut

Long hair is easy. You can always put it up if you’re having a horrendous hair day. But shorter hair is fun, and trying new styles is like getting a tattoo (fine, maybe a little less permanent). As an admitted over thinker, and decision flip flipper I find that a haircut gives me a little rush, and the change I’ve been craving. It will also grow back in 3-6 months, and I can’t afford to get a would be tattoo laser-ed off once I change my mind, which I know I will, before I inevitably change it back again.

The Long Bob


So Many (Too Many?) Fashion Blogs

Wow, there are a ton. It’s hard to keep up, and there is a lot of content that seems repetitive. But sometimes its the perfect way to waste a rainy afternoon. So, here you go, the result of mother nature keeping me stuck indoors long enough to poke around the internet.

A rainy day reading list:

Pink Peonies

Gary Pepper Girl

Sincerely Jules


Collage Vintage

Damsel in Dior

Staying Cozy

I dread the inevitable winter hand shake, because my hands are always freezing. The person then feels the need to stand there trying to warm them up while commenting on just how cold they are, this usually includes a reference to icicles. At this point I say something about how terrible my circulation is and attempt to escape. Yes, they have a point, I am always cold. Luckily, however, I am also usually armed with a scarf and wool socks. Here are a few of my favorite winter looks from women who manage to stay warm and still look pretty stylish.

Style Blogs Done Right: Some Favorite Reads

I read, a lot. That means when I have a minute to myself I’m not always up for cracking open the newest novel, or even reading lengthy magazine articles (Vanity Fair that means you). I have always been embarrassingly behind in the latest television shows, something my friends are sure to notice and point out. I’m not a TV person, and although I love to unwind with a good book, sometimes all I am up for is flipping through a magazine mindlessly. Luckily, with internet and tablets, there are more fashion and art blogs than ever before. For me these are great places to escape, free from lengthy taglines or complicated plots – easy, quick, and always inspirational.

Some Inspirational Fashion Blogs

Ring My Bell



Summer Fashion Recap: Best 2013 Summer Trends

I love summer styles, and am sad to see the days ticking by until shorts and flip flops are no longer acceptable. So here’s a little premature nostalgia for the best summer looks. Enjoy!

These celebrities showed up in some of my favorite summer trends: crop tops, straw hats, crocheted purses, and striped dresses!

Biking Around On The Best Vintage Bikes

What says summer like a vintage inspired bike? Not much. Maybe a drink with an umbrella. But that doesn’t count, and it isn’t nearly as good for you as a ride around the neighborhood with your newest accessory. While these bikes might remain on my wishlist for some time (they are pricey!) they still conjure images of women riding around the city with little dogs and bouquets of flower in tow. Some of the more affordable models can be found on Amazon, but my favorite site so far is Adeline Adeline.

Quick Get In Some Summertime Bike Rides

Juice Cleanses: Good, Bad, Just Strange?

The juice cleanse. It’s a “new” phenomena, that isn’t really all that new.

But as they say, what’s old is new again. Many religions have used the idea of fasting and cleansing as a way to reconnect with your spiritual side (some would say by driving you to the brink of sanity), and of cleaning out the body. Although the new attention given to juice cleanses seems to center around detoxification and weight loss, it seems like something which such a long rich history must have some medicinal benefits. Although the popular made to order juice cleanses, such as The Blueprint Cleanse, Organic Avenue’s Cleanse, and The Suja Cleanse will set you back a few hundred dollars, many of the recipes can be made at home. It could also be argued that this would be the better option since the focus is on fresh, high quality produce, and somehow shipping juices cross-country seems counterintuitive. Most cleanses last three days, but they can range from one to five (and in some cases much longer I’m sure, although this isn’t suggested).

I’ve found a few interesting articles that discuss the “juice cleanse craze” and the the pros and cons to consider before jumping on the bandwagon.

(Click on images for a link to the articles)

The New York TImes “The Juice Cleanse: A Strange and Green Journey”