Make it Beautiful

I was recently paid a really great compliment. I can be a perfectionist, and I’m usually embarrassed by this. To me the subtext is uptight, and that is something I never want to be. But my cousin said something the other day, something about the care I take in creating my life, and the way I see things as they could be. Suddenly attention to detail wasn’t so much a silly preoccupation as it was a testament to my attempt to make life beautiful in my own little way. I had never thought of it like that. But it seemed to give me license to continue to take too many pictures, then delete them all and take more, rearrange furniture ad nauseam, color code every closet I am allowed to enter, stop mid outing to take a picture of the sunset, arrange food before I serve it, write only to erase, and document all the little things that I find inspiring on this very fun, but not so serious blog.



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