Couch (potato) to 5k and Beyond

Someone told me recently that the new healthy lifestyle we promise to adopt as soon as January 1st hits doesn’t really get started until after the Super Bowl pizza and the Valentine’s Day chocolates have been consumed. I would tend to agree, but I have to say that I did try to get started, and I have, for the most part, been running every day. Not far, not fast. But I sweat, and that is what counts, right? I’m in a pretty good place, maybe a little off track now that the fridge is stocked with sweets, but I think I’m finally ready to officially start training. I can now run three consecutive miles, please don’t laugh, but no that wasn’t the case a few months ago. I’m ready to start following a training schedule, and after a little research I’ve found a few that seem simple and straight forward enough to actually stick to.

5k Training Schedule

Half Marathon Training Schedule


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