Exercise Makes You Smarter

sparkLately I have been slacking, and the piles of books on my night stand has been growing. I have to admit that it is hard to crack open a book (even one I want to read) after finishing dense textbook reading for class, but I’m finally getting back to the book reviews. Anyone who loves to read knows that once a book catches you, you have to read until you’re done. That is what happened with this last book, Spark by John Ratey MD. Ratey presents a fascinating look at the way the brain reacts to exercise. No, it won’t be what you want to hear. But he backs up his thinking with proven research and clinical trials. Basically more is better for optimizing your brain function, but none is a recipe for dreaded degenerative diseases. He is very passionate, and he’ll make you want to move (I read the whole book on the treadmill). I challenge you to read this book sitting still. If nothing else it is so great motivation, in a quick and interesting read. He does cite scientific studies, it isn’t too dense, but if it gets to slow for you it is easy to get the gist of the studies without reading all of the details.


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