My Reading List: Best Summer Books of 2013

After a gorgeous weekend I am looking forward to some lazy summer days spent lounging around the backyard (or the beach if I’m feeling ambitious enough to fight for a spot). Reading in the sun, drink in hand, is my idea of a perfect summer pastime. Every year, in my usual overly ambitious way, I create a wishlist of summer reads that I never quite make it through. I’m sure this year will be no different, but I still love the promise of a few afternoons spent reading, and the hope that I might finally make a dent in the stacks of books that are taking up my precious closet space.

Here are a few good lists that I’ve found, as well as my own Summer 2013 Book Bucket list.

My 2013 Summer Book List

Must Read Books for Summer 2013 by Bookish

Best Books of 2013 by Huffington Post


2 thoughts on “My Reading List: Best Summer Books of 2013

  1. I just bought Girls in White Dresses and am so excited to start it this week when I fly to Texas! I’ve also been reading Sharp Objects, which is Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl)’s first book. I decided to read them in the order she wrote them, since I heard Gone Girl was the best. Look forward to hearing your reviews of them!

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