Literary Dopplegangers Over At PureWow

It’s that time of year, time to grab a book and hit the beach. At least ideally it would be that time of year, for some reason this year has been especially rainy, but curling up with a good book can happen anywhere. I recently started following PureWow, a great resource for people living near big cities (they cover New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and the Hamptons). I love the weekly emails, even though they’re evoking the dreaded FOMO (or, fear of missing out, for those of your who don’t do acronyms). My favorite find so far is their Literary Doppleganger page, a page that allows you to click on a recent favorite and see other similar books.

They have some great titles, so take a look…


Book Review: The Night Circus

The Night Circus is full of magic and love, mostly in that order. For a generation that grew up with Harry Potter it is a welcome glimpse into an equally rich but much more mature magical world. The two protagonists are forced into a cruel life of imprisonment, bound by an enchantment (of course) and forced to duel each other and create beautiful additions to a circus they both build and run. However, as fate would have it, these two competitors are too well matched and as they compete they each begin to fall in love with the very person they are trying to destroy. What follows is a story that challenges the reader to suspend disbelief as they watch these two young magicians discover the truth and try to overcome the devastating situation they find themselves in. Morgenstern created an intricate and elaborate setting, which I enjoyed but some may argue borders on overly descriptive. Most of the characters are complex and intriguing but some of the momentum is lost in the plot, which could have been more thought out, and much less complicated.

(Disclaimer: you’ll need to be willing to believe in magic, and the power of love, but only for about 400 pages.)

Juice Cleanses: Good, Bad, Just Strange?

The juice cleanse. It’s a “new” phenomena, that isn’t really all that new.

But as they say, what’s old is new again. Many religions have used the idea of fasting and cleansing as a way to reconnect with your spiritual side (some would say by driving you to the brink of sanity), and of cleaning out the body. Although the new attention given to juice cleanses seems to center around detoxification and weight loss, it seems like something which such a long rich history must have some medicinal benefits. Although the popular made to order juice cleanses, such as The Blueprint Cleanse, Organic Avenue’s Cleanse, and The Suja Cleanse¬†will set you back a few hundred dollars, many of the recipes can be made at home. It could also be argued that this would be the better option since the focus is on fresh, high quality produce, and somehow shipping juices cross-country seems counterintuitive. Most cleanses last three days, but they can range from one to five (and in some cases much longer I’m sure, although this isn’t suggested).

I’ve found a few interesting articles that discuss the “juice cleanse craze” and the the pros and cons to consider before jumping on the bandwagon.

(Click on images for a link to the articles)

The New York TImes “The Juice Cleanse: A Strange and Green Journey”