Real Food. What a Concept.

Popcorn. Apples. Peanut butter (occasionally eaten with an apple). Almonds.

That is more or less what my daily diet looks like. There are inevitably some additions, but it is far from varied, and is not all that nutritious. I tend to take the easy way out and stick to what I can eat without too much, or any, prep work. I’m always tired, and constantly struggling to make it past the mid afternoon slump. I know, I know. My diet needs a makeover. So I’m planning to start “eating real”, or as Micheal Pollan, author of Food Rules and In Defense of Food so eloquently puts it,

“Eat food. Mostly Plants. Not too much.”

Giving up my daily diet coke(s) sounds daunting but I’m excited about the prospect of making it past the four o’clock mark without more caffeinated beverages than I’m willing to admit. So here goes nothing…


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