A Sea of Camel

It seems like camel coats are everywhere. Which makes sense, these coats are versatile enough to go from the office to dinner and warm enough to get your through the winter. A camel coat is one item that will be on my Christmas list this year, even if I do end up buying it for myself. That still counts as a gift, right?


Embracing November

November may mean turkey and family but it also means snow and cold weather. For me, November has always signaled the beginning of the winter hibernation. Suddenly a walk down the street to meet friends seems impossibly difficult. It’s cold out there, and if it’s after five o’clock it’s probably dark as well. But, this year will be different. This year I will make it to the dinners, parties, and holiday get togethers, even if I do sneak out a little early to get back into bed and under the covers.

Fall Bucket List:

Drink a chai tea latte

Go apple picking (check)

Tailgate at a football game

Buy apple/cinnamon/pumpkin candles (check, check, and check)

Perfect spiked apple cider

Try mulled wine

Make mulled apple cider

Bake something

Host a holiday party

Decorate the apartment

Some Summer Inspiration: The White Dress

Nothing says summer like an effortless white dress. Unfortunately they are also ketchup and dirt magnets, but that’s just the price you pay to look summery and care free while trying not to spill the mustard from your corn dog.

Making the Cut

Long hair is easy. You can always put it up if you’re having a horrendous hair day. But shorter hair is fun, and trying new styles is like getting a tattoo (fine, maybe a little less permanent). As an admitted over thinker, and decision flip flipper I find that a haircut gives me a little rush, and the change I’ve been craving. It will also grow back in 3-6 months, and I can’t afford to get a would be tattoo laser-ed off once I change my mind, which I know I will, before I inevitably change it back again.

The Long Bob


So Many (Too Many?) Fashion Blogs

Wow, there are a ton. It’s hard to keep up, and there is a lot of content that seems repetitive. But sometimes its the perfect way to waste a rainy afternoon. So, here you go, the result of mother nature keeping me stuck indoors long enough to poke around the internet.

A rainy day reading list:

Pink Peonies

Gary Pepper Girl

Sincerely Jules


Collage Vintage

Damsel in Dior

Wanderlust (and Golden Gate Park)

I never would have thought a few years ago that I would be traveling across the world and across the country in the years to come. Here’s to some good travel karma, and the chance to do what I never thought I could. This weekend has been an amazing close to a difficult but wonderful chapter of my life, and fundraising for CCFA has allowed me to give back in a really concrete way. But it also gave me the chance to connect with people who had the same struggles, and many who are still struggling. Needless to say I feel so incredibly grateful and hopeful that continuing research will bring an end to the disease. Here are some beautiful shots from the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. A gorgeous place, located in a must see park in San Francisco. You could literally spend a day wandering to and from the botanical gardens, bison enclosure, various ponds, Chinese Tea Garden, De Young Modern Art Museum, California Academy of Sciences, historic bandstand, polo field, and scenic bath houses (and I’m sure I’m leaving something out). This park is huge, much larger than Central Park, and not nearly as crowded.


Race Day!

We did it team Fair/West! We made it all the way to CA from CT and NY, raising a ton of money and awareness along the way. Oh, and we also ran 13.1 miles. So here’s a post for all the family and friends who donated, I wouldn’t be here with out you (literally and figuratively). I promised to share the experience, and I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated! Also, a huge thank you to the whole Fair/West team, our endurance manager, Maddy, and, of course, our coach, Janis. Who, by the way, just went on a CVS run for special bandaids and then personally delivered them to me along with instructions on how to take care of my blister. You’re the reason a blister is all I have to worry about! It was a great run, with a great group. Is a there another half marathon in my future? I have to see how sore I am tomorrow when I wake up…


A Night at the Museum

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a nerd, and when there’s a museum to check out, I’m there. NightLife at the California Academy of the Sciences seems like a well kept secret (thanks to the friendly guy on the bus for cluing me in!). Every Thursday night, the academy is open to the 21+ crowd from 6-10pm. Each week there’s a different theme, this week’s was how-to. Some of the how to hands on demos included sausage making (actually really gross), drink mixology, LED wiring, owl pellet dissecting, skull reconstitution, self defense, salsa dancing, bone identification, etc. As you can probably tell it draws a diverse crowd, and there was everything from Louboutins to Birkenstocks present. Which is fitting because it’s a unique experience, I certainly never really thought I would be listening to a DJ blast BeyoncĂ© while learning about the mating habits of electric eels. You have free reign of the museum, including the three story indoor rainforest, earthquake simulator, and planetarium, all for $12. Which really beats the 30 something entrance fee during the day. There are also five bars set up around the museum, all full service but each featuring a signature cocktail. The one of a kind Andy Warhol collection I discovered in a secluded wing on the third floor was pretty much icing on the cake!



The Foggy City

San Francisco is a welcoming city, and compared to the cities I’m used to (ahem, NYC) people are almost overly friendly and outgoing. It’s easy to make fast friends here, which came in handy when I needed a picture taken. When one man saw me struggling to see over the crowd he casually offered to lift me up so I could get a better view, as if that was the only logical thing to do. I politely declined, although I was stuck by how completely genuine and kind the offer was. I did, however, let him snap a few pictures for me from his superior vantage point.

I have to say the highlight of my day was getting asked for directions by two bewildered tourists and actually being able to give them. As any traveler probably knows, there are few greater compliments than getting mistaken for a local.


San Fransisco: First Glimpse of California

My first half marathon is in a few days (gulp). I’ve trained, I’m ready. I think. But no matter what my finish time is I’m going to love the beautiful Napa scenery I get to enjoy along the way.

But first, being the travel hopeful that I am, I decided to squeeze in a few days in San Francisco. Trips like this are hard because just as I start to get a feel for the city it’s time to go. Yesterday I had the opportunity to check out Chinatown, which was slightly less crowded and more manageable than what I’m used to in NYC. San Francisco is still a city for sure, but the more laid back California mindset is apparent. I was surprised to find my self annoyed at the slow pace, compared to the walk-run that New Yorkers know so well (and which, evidently, I am also guilty of).